We plan to provide bed and breakfast accommodation in the future. The northwest wing of our home has been designed to include two private bedrooms and private bathroom. These rooms face north looking out into our terraced Magnolia garden. One of the guest rooms, the ‘green room’ has French doors which open out into its own semiprivate courtyard.

The Magnolia garden includes over twenty-seven different varieties of deciduous Magnolias and Michelias, under planted with a variety of flowering shrubs, grasses and ground covers. The gardens also include their other relation, the Tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera. The gardens can be explored by terraced lawn paths.

The path along the top Magnolia garden leads past the vegetable garden and up to an orchard; both are regularly visited by a pair of pheasants and three mischievous Kaka.

The original ‘twosheds’ where we camped on weekends while establishing the property are still used by friends and family looking for a rustic vineyard getaway.